Accessory – Bar End Weight (EXT)

Code: B-066


  • AUSTRALIAN MADE – “Aussie Made Aussie Tough”
  • External Bar End Weight (set of 2) including bolts for mounting.
  • Helps reduce handlebar vibration.
  • Adds approximately 180g per side.
  • Fit in conjunction with most Barkbusters backbones (except EGO).
  • Adds a stylish finish to the handguard.
  • Powder Coated BLACK.


If you have a Hardware Kit listed below, see special fitting notes as additional parts may be required:

Code:                     Fitting Notes:

BHG-010              Requires two additional M6x40mm countersunk bolts

BHG-032              R1200GS/A requires two additional M8x55mm countersunk bolts

BHG-045              G650GS requires two additional M6x65mm countersunk bolts

BHG-050              Will not fit

BHG-051              Requires two additional M6x50mm countersunk bolts

BHG-059              Tiger XC, XCA & XCX (all ’15 on) use M6x45mm bolt from BHG-059 kit

BHG-075              Will not fit

BHG-077              Will not fit

BHG-080              Requires two additional M6x45mm flat head bolts

BHG-083              Requires two additional M6x50mm flat head bolts

BHG-085              Will not fit